The creative behind Colurwrk.

Carol Lee Rose is an Atlanta based photographer and graphic designer. 

Originally from Birmingham, Alabama, Carol studied visual design at the Art Institute of Atlanta. 

Since childhood, she has been drawn to photographing people candidly and genuinely.  Due to her being present and active in her passions, Carol has built connections and worked with incredible influencers and brands such as The Village Market/Retail (Atlanta), Getty Entertainment, Will Packer Media etc. Celebrating others through photography led her to starting Colurwrk, a photography and design company. The expression and energy of others is what inspires her to create bold and joyful imagery. 


“Obsessed!! I’m getting emotional. The photos look amazing. THANK YOUUUU!”

“Exposure, color balance, focus and crop all look on point. You captured a nice mix of both posed and natural moments! Well done!”

“I know what I like specifically and how looking at a photo makes me feel. I don't want to remember the pose. I want to remember the laughs and the way I felt. I want to look back on those memories and I think "wow that was funny when" or "she was so beautiful when", I want the pictures to tell their own story. Your photos do that for me.”

“The badddddesssst event photographer there is!”

“First, thank you! Thank you for capturing the event so beautifully! I had a vision of what I thought the event would be but it truly surpassed my wildest dreams.”

“Carol, you are stuck with me FOREVER, so all of you who are like "OMG, Carol, I can't wait to hire you"'s a wrap, she's mine.”

“You are such an amazing photographer! Thank you for capturing all those good ass moments.”